Code of Conduct

A huge thanks to Pear Conf, whose code of conduct inspired ours. Our byline, harassment examples, and examples of what we won’t act on all come from their code of conduct.

PromptConf prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort.

Therefore, we do not tolerate harassment of our attendees or participants, at the conference venue or outside of it, online or offline.

Harassment includes:

We will not act on complaints regarding:

Reporting Violations

Please bring any concerns to the immediate attention of the event staff. You can send information about code of conduct violations to the organizers by emailing

All code of conduct violations are handled immediately upon receipt by a dedicated team. First, the team will ask you whether you would feel safe if they were to address the person you’re reporting with the information you have provided. Why: although the team always makes their best effort to anonymize report information, sometimes it’s impossible to anonymize a report due to the specificity of what the violator did. If you do not want the team to address the violator directly with the information you have provided, they can still use that information to adjudicate whether to ensure that the violator cannot attend the conference again, or cannot speak at the conference.

If you would like us to address the violator, the outcome for them might be a discussion, an ejection from the conference, or a lifetime ban. Ejections do not come with a refund for the conference.