Conference Schedule (Tentative)

9:15am Check In, Coffee, & Light Breakfast
9:45am Opening Remarks
10am Opening Keynote: What is the Joy, by Naomi Ceder
10:30am The Joy of Sweating the Small Stuff, by Nicole Carlson
10:42am Bird by Bird: Writerly Thoughts on Writing and Refactoring Code, by Michael Ericksen
10:54am Plot Devices: Tools for Better Data Visualization, by Hana Lee
11:06am Letters to Myself: How a Bout with Memory Loss Changed How I Make Decisions, by Nigel Brown
11:20am Break
11:40am What is a Zip Bomb?, by Keanan Koppenhaver
11:52am SRE for Cats, by Denise Yu
12:04pm Defending deep learning from adversarial attacks, by Svetlana Levitan
12:16pm EmoReply: Machine Learning with Feelings, by Eileen McFarland
12:30pm Lunch/Book Signing
1:45pm A legit programming language, by Sebastian Morr
1:57pm Panic! at the Browser, by Jacqueline Gu
2:09pm Everything is an operating system (if it tries hard enough), by Josh Bowman-Matthews
2:21pm How I Added Ordinal Plural Support to Mozilla’s Fluent Project by Pre-emptively Fixing the JS Intl Specification, by Eemeli Aro
2:35pm Break
2:50pm Coding Out the Clink, by Ahmed Jalloh
3:02pm Open Source Hardware Design, by David Stanford
3:14pm Creating Mixed Reality Experiences - From Zero to Hero!, by Karthickeyan Narasimhan
3:25pm Snack Break
3:50pm The Coder’s 10 Minute Guide to Design, by Mark Lassoff
4:02pm Caption this! The importance of captioning for accessibility, by Imelda March
4:14pm The Joy of Interactive Generative Art, by Phil Smith
4:30pm Break
4:40pm Closing Keynote: From adversary to advocate: One engineer’s journey to seeing the bigger picture of roads into tech, by Mark Thompson
5:10pm Closing Remarks