PromptConf is a brand new single track polyglot conference taking place on September 28, 2019 at the ActiveCampaign office in downtown Chicago. This year’s theme is the joy of computing!

As a proud Chicago-focused conference, PromptConf has made two intentional decisions to make the conference as inclusive as possible. First, talks will be only 10 minutes long. Second, conference tickets will be kept at a low, accessible price point.

Call for Sponsors

By sponsoring PromptConf, you and your organization have the opportunity to join an event dedicated to celebrating the diverse talent in Chicago tech.

Supporting PromptConf allows you direct exposure to a community-focused, inclusive tech conference in Chicago. You’ll have access to:

Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Sponsor - $3000

Gold Sponsor - $1000

Community Sponsor - $500

Closed Captioning Sponsor - $2000 (divisible into 2)

Interested in sponsoring? Contact organizers@promptconf.com!

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