2019 Code of Conduct Transparency Report

The PromptConf Code of Conduct sets standards for how all PromptConf attendees (e.g. organizers, speakers, volunteers, attendees) interact with others during the conference. Critical to enforcing the Code of Conduct, the PromptConf Code of Conduct strategy developed prioritized several key factors including:


As a means to ensure that the Code of Conduct was accessible to all PromptConf participants, PromptConf 2019 offered several means for reporting. Below were the ways provided:


This year, PromptConf organizers were notified of one minor incident, which was not deemed a Code of Conduct violation: A photo of a speaker was posted by a conference attendee on social media who did not want to be photographed. The photo was deleted immediately from social media and the speaker was notified.


While PromptConf 2019 had no Code of Conduct violations feedback was offered to help the PromptConf 2020 team improve the overall Code of Conduct work.

Below are some of the steps the PromptConf team will be investigating:

Summary of Reported Incident

A photo was added on social media of a speaker by another conference attendee. The speaker had expressed they did not want photos taken at the event, but instead wanted a preapproved photo used. The photo was promptly deleted from social media and the speaker was informed.